We provide corporate interior design services in order to make the office environment as professional as possible. Hence, we are


We provide a wide range of residential services in order to make ones living environment according to their personalised choices.


Our commercial services have a variety of categories such as shops, showrooms, restaurants etc. We hope to make the commercial

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Fit out contracting is when we help you plan your space. At Golden Fox, we stand by our clients and provide a full package from


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Golden Fox is a UAE based firm of interior design consultants which was established in 2012 which provides services for residential, corporate and commercial projects.  We have a portfolio of over fifty successful projects in the last two years and are experienced in many different kinds of styles ranging from modern, classic to contemporary.

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Corporate: – Offices etc

Residential: – Villas, apartments etc

Commercial: – Shops, showrooms,

Restaurants etc.

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