Our commercial services have a variety of categories such as shops, showrooms, restaurants etc. We hope to make the commercial spaces as innovative and inventive as attainable.



We provide corporate interior design services in order to make the office environment as professional as possible. Hence, we are capable of designing conference rooms, cubicles and private offices, which will result in the growth of the company’s active environment.



We provide a wide range of residential services in order to make ones living environment according to their personalised choices. We are keen on giving our clients precisely the sort of space they would find irresistible to live in and make their house and home.



Product & Services

Fit out contracting is when we help you plan your space. At Golden Fox, we stand by our clients and provide a full package from concept to completion. This helps us ensure quality control and makes sure we provide our clients with timely delivery. Whether it’s getting the flooring done or the air-conditioning, we will get the job done.

Our products and services are as follows:

  • Partition systems • False ceilings
  • Wall coverings • Carpet tiles
  • Wooden flooring • Carpentry & Joinery
  •  Electrical